Generosity In All Forms

Learning what it means to be generous but not just the kind that equals money.  Doing a generous deed just because its the right thing to do.  In times of disaster we see generosity in all kinds of forms.  When we are not directly affected how do we fill that need to be generous.  Everyone wants to “do something”.  The creative ways we are able to do that “something” is the challenge especially if it does not equal money.  It’s really not that hard……think about it! 

How do you know?

The one thing I truely believe is that people only let you know what they allow.  Thoughts, beliefs, values, behaviors, feelings and real emotions.  Everyone brings a story to every relationship.  How do you really know? 

Small World

Today we meet two young people who are participating in the 2013 Colts Drum and Bugle Corps from Japan and the Netherlands.  The young man from the Netherlands was Jonathan’s roommate.  The young lady from Japan was worried about her English.  What a small world we actually live in with opportunities like this right here in Dubuque, Iowa.  The diversity that Jonathan is being exposed to will forever change him in a positive direction.  The little things that happen in a day can leave a big impression on our souls. 

Just a example of all the wonderful accomplishments a good partnership can bring!

American Red Cross Disaster Newsroom

This story is written by American Red Cross worker Dave Schrader, who is currently in Alabama to help with the Red Cross relief efforts.

Alabama Tornadoes (Jan 2012)
NAACP disaster liaison Steve Branch meets with Red Cross volunteer John Manners of Tennessee at the American Red Cross Alabama tornado Disaster Operations Center to map out a plan to help people in tornado ravaged areas outside Birmingham, AL.

It’s 10 a.m. on Thursday, January 26th , just days after tornadoes tore through neighborhoods and communities surrounding Birmingham, Alabama and there’s nothing else Steve Branch wants to be doing than helping the American Red Cross help those in need. Branch, unfortunately, has seen his share of disasters, most recently as the head of the NAACP’s disaster response following the Tuscaloosa tornado less than a year earlier. Branch is helping again this year as part of a partnership the NAACP has with the American Red Cross, a…

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